Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Adam

When we got married, you vowed to show me a life "full of adventure"!  Boy, you weren't kidding!  In the last 10+ years, I've never experienced so much.  You've taught me how to love life and how to live it.

I remember so well the first time we met.  It was in room 4 at Alta Bates Emergency Dept, the OB room...maybe that was a sign ;-).  You reached out your hand to me and said, ''Hi, I'm Adam".  You were the strapping young fireman and I was the single young nurse...pretty much the only young nurse in the dept.  I loved watching you walk around the department in your turnout pants with your suspenders hanging down, "Berkeley Fire Department" navy blue t-shirt and your boots. I loved having you bring me patients and couldn't wait till we got the next ringdown on the radio telling us "2295" was bringing someone in.  Our first "bonding" experience was with the crazy guy who started having a grand mal seizure and we were the only two in the room.  Being the confident medic that you were, you calmly reached for the oxygen and I ran frantically for the Ativan.  I'm glad I didn't poke you with that needle!  
When we started to get to know each other, I would sit in awe as I listened to your life experiences and wished I could have experienced these things with you.  I loved hearing your stories then as much as I love to hear them now.  You could tell me the same story 50 times and I still hang on every word.   I was impressed by how many amazing experiences you already had.   

Our first trip together was our climbing trip to Lover's Leap.  I've never put so much trust in one person hanging on to me with a 100m rope and I've never had such confidence while doing it.  Even getting stuck and not being able to hear you, I knew you were there and I knew you would get me through it.  There was just something special about you.  Our second trip, we boarded Brad and Mary Jo's little 4 person plane and Brad flew us down to Mexico.  Drinking shots of tequila, wandering in the desert with who again?(...a tour guide?), jumping into black crevasses, dirt runways, etc.  We got into some sticky!  But I knew I was safe because I had you.   This was the trip when I new I had fallen head over heals for you and wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.  Thanks Brad and MJ!

Even though Gabriella has cancer and we are living in a world of craziness right now, fighting with everything we have, I know in my heart that we will be ok.  I'll be ok because I have you and our girls are going to be incredible people because of you.  I have been blessed with everything I have, especially with you. 

Adam, you are an amazing person, an incredible husband and friend, an outstanding father....I could go on and on!  We've been to some amazing places and have experienced some amazing things together and I'm so proud to have shared the last 10 years with you.  

I love you more than anything!!!


Big Kahuna Triathalon
Honeymoon in Aruba

Climbing Half Dome, 4 mo pregnant with Gabriella

Scuba diving in Belize

San Francisco

Dirt biking in Hollister

Zip line in Guatemala
Ski Patrol at Boreal

Adam and Tad racing at Infineon Raceway

Adam with Gabriella at one day old
Our road trip to Colorado
DADD...Dads Against Daughter's Dating

G and Daddy at John and Una's pool

Daddy with Bridget one day old

Adam and Bridget

Taking G skiing

Daddy and our G girl


  1. Happy Fathers Day to an incredible man. Kris, G and B are so lucky to have you! You are inspiring to other dads around you.

  2. Happy Fathers Day to an incredible man. Kris, G and B are so lucky to have you! You are inspiring to other dads around you.