Sunday, April 22, 2012


I was debating weather I was going to share my tattoo experience because of the stigma with tattoo's, etc, etc. but I thought, why the heck not!!  Its beautiful and its artwork!  I'm so proud of it!
I always wanted a tattoo but never knew what I wanted for life.  After having my girls, I decided I was going to set a "good example" for them and not get one.  I'm probably a little bit old school but that is how I was raised.   Now, this is something that I will cherish because of the meaning behind it.  Adam, Bridget and I are Gabriella's warriors and are going to fight for her!   I never thought before to ask people the meaning of their tattoos.  I believe everyone has a special reason behind them.  They are special to each individual.  For us, it's something that has rocked our lives and changed us forever!  Adam, Bridget, Gabriella and I will make something positive of this.

Continuing with Saturday...We all had a long day.  Adam went first and it took a while.  Uncle Ronnie and I drove around in Auntie Mel's orange Jeep to get Adam to Kevin's shop, checked in with the girls and delivered the wedding cake...not in the Jeep of course.  We got back to the shop about 3:30 and Adam's tattoo looked amazing!  He had it done right over his heart and said it hurt like heck.  Great.  I hadn't gone yet so I had no idea what it would feel like.  They were trying to explain it but until you get it done, its hard to describe.  Uncle Ronnie was up next.  Adam and I went back home to have dinner with the girls and Grandparents.  I realized that we were running short on the weekend antibiotics that G has to take to prevent a lung infection, PCP.  This is a common infection that aids patients and cancer patients get because of their immune compromised system.  To prevent it, we give her Septra friday, saturday and sunday.  I had to run to the pharmacy before they closed and jump through hoops being the weekend and all.  After about 10 different calls, I was able to get a LPCH doctor to talk with the pharmacist about 5 minutes before they closed!

Then back to Kevin's tattoo shop!  It was my turn.  I don't even know what time we started...maybe around 7:30pm.  At first it wasn't too bad.  I had some lidocaine cream on for a couple of hours and that really helped but I didn't put it on the exact right place.  The cream worked for the most part but man did it hurt!!!  Off and on hurt because there were spots where it wasn't that bad and spots where i could have jumped off the table!!  You have to be really committed to get one of those things!!
After about 2+ hours and Adam keeping me company, I was done!  It was amazing but I was so tired to really appreciate it!  I am so excited about it and am proud of it!!!!

I had Kevin, who is an amazing artist, add Bridget and a cupcake to the drawing and it turned out fantastic.  A cupcake for Bridget because ever since she was 1 and had her first cupcake, everything sweet has been "cupcake"!  She's my little cupcake!  The tiara is for both of them, being my girlie but tough girls, and the G is in the shape of a mermaid tale because Gabriella is really into mermaids and both girls love the beach/ocean.  The flower is just to represent beauty and strength.

After it was all done, our tattoo's!!!  
Trying to keep myself distracted while Kevin works. 

I put it here because we're "KICKING CANCER IN THE A**!!!!"

PROUD DADDY!!!  Looking amazing babe!
I can't tell you how special this is for me!!!

Uncle Ronnie, our adopted brother and Gabriella and Bridget's adopted uncle!!
Thanks Ronnie, we couldn't have done this without you!

I LOVE how these came out!!  It looks AMAZING!!!


  1. Wow, You guys are amazing! Uncle Ronnie rocks!!!! What a support he has been. I am not into tatoos, but love yours. The way you guys work out, you will still look great when your skin starts to sag.....and it will, trust me.
    Go Team brave warrior mermaid!
    love, mom

  2. Life is too short to worry about stigmas! These are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! We can't wait to get our next tattoos by Kevin!!! Beautiful! Love you guys!

  3. I am so touched by the meaning and beauty of your tattoos... That is the type of ink work I'd like to get done. Where can I find your artist?

    1. Hi! Here is Kevin's FB page! He's in Bali right now but should be back the end of May. He's an AMAZING artist!!!



    Kevin (our Tattoo artist) on Facebook!