Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another crazy day

So today started out interesting. I walked in the door about 0830 from work and Gabriella met me excitedly saying she wanted to go to the beach. I said great, then Kris told me that when she picked her up this morning, her port in her chest got bumped and G said that her heart was racing. We got a little worried because the port was inserted in the right atrium of her heart. I called the oncologist on call at LPCH. He said, hmmm... better take her to the ER to make sure the thing had not gotten dislodged. It was just too odd for a 4 year old to talk about her heart like that. So the beach/gym plans were out and we were off to Dominican hospital for and EKG and chest x-rays. The folks at Dominican treated us well. The catheter was fine and we have no idea why she felt her heart race. On the way home from the ER we tried the beach but by the time we parked, both girls were asleep and Grandma and Grandpa had to hit the road so we gave up and went home. Of course as soon as we got home, Gabriella woke up and asked "I thought we were going to the beach?" A little lunch and a quick goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa and back to the beach we went for fun in the sun and cotton candy. Bridget and G ran around chasing seagulls and building sand castles. On the way home it was a quick stop at the Winters' for a glass of wine and home to bed.
G felt great all day and actually ate quite a bit of Lollo and Vero's beautiful dinner. The best she has eaten since last week.
I know we have mentioned it before I want make sure everyone knows how fantastic all the help has been. To have the crazy days we have had lately and to come home, exhausted and have a delicious, healthy meal waiting for us is just so nice. I know how much time and effort goes into the planning, shopping and cooking and it is greatly appreciated.
These days are truly insane. We go from incredible worry that something beyond our control can cause our little girl so many problems, to great joy watching her and her sister playing with their friends like nothing ever happened. I know that it is difficult to see right now but there are some blessings in this ridiculous situation, and the first is the respect I am gaining for my little girl. The way she ignores the pain and discomfort that she is enduring and will endure.


  1. I love this post.... this is so indicative of a child's innocence and the fact that little G is just plain HAPPY!!! You guys are doing a great job keeping her feeling that way! The beach sounds awesome! We will plan on a beach day with you and the girls this summer. Can't wait! :-)

  2. What a beautiful day for the beach! The Smith Sisters will be joining you this summer!!!!!

  3. Hi Gabriella,
    I signed up to walk for American Cancer Society for my husband, mother in law and you. There will be a luminary with your name on it.
    Your tree is doing great it has grown 2 inches. It's the one closest to my front door. Happy Easter. Blessings, Lori Hutchins