Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wednesday: Chemo Day

This morning I watched my husband in awe as he consoled Gabriella about going to the hospital.  She was not a happy camper when she woke up, slamming doors and kicking at whatever was near.  I asked Adam to deal with her because I knew I would have just gotten frustrated.  He had the patience of a saint as he talked with her about today without letting her hit, kick, etc.  It didn't take long for her to become happy again and went downstairs for her usual glass of milk and toast.

We made our way to El Camino Hospital this morning for G's 2nd of 13 admissions and her three chemo medicines.  The hospital is like a nice hotel; piano in the lobby, wonderful food, etc. and the nurses were awesome.  Dr. Marina came to visit and talk with us about how G is doing.  She is such an amazing doctor and is very supportive of the psychological aspects and family dynamics while patients are in treatment for cancer.  I am really positive and hopeful!!

Adam's Entry:

G and I are hanging out at El Camino Hospital watching Dolphin Tail and finishing dinner.  G had her second round of her "big" chemo today.  So far so good.  G was really apprehensive about going back to the doctor to get her port accessed again.  It is strange to hear a four year old ask "daddy, are they going to access my port today?".  What a different world we live in than we did about a month ago.  

We met with Gabriella's oncologist, Dr. Marina this morning.  We are so happy she is our doctor.  She answers all our questions openly and honestly.  She told us today that Gabriella is really doing well.  Her counts are recovering well and she thinks it will be a good idea to get her back to school for short periods of time to keep her happy.  She made the point that we need to keep as much happiness in her life that we can.  When you think about what has been taken from her and how much has been asked of her, we owe it to her to make life as fun and normal as possible.  

Well, it is now about 8:30pm. G did very well this evening. She rode around on her IV pole, met some new friends, and played with some dogs that came in for pet therapy.  Everything was going really well until she pounded a cup of milk and proceeded to puke all over both of us.  Boy this room smells bad now.  We gave her some Benadryl and she is sleeping well now.  Apparently the chemo drugs kicked in to wuickly to get her stomach settled with meds.  Bummer.  Hopefully all will go well this evening.  She will get some sleep and will be ready tomorrow to face another day.  One step closer to cured.  

Team G

Watching "Cats" and waiting for the chemo meds.  

G riding on her IV pole.

Eating her dinner! 

Crafts at the hospital.  Do you think she's enjoying herself? 


  1. make me smile! Your spirit is like no other. You are one amazing, beautiful, tenacious little girl.

    Adam and Kristin: you both are amazing parents (thankfully you already know that :) and your love, support and dedication to your girls is so wonderful and admirable... they are so lucky to have you both.

    And Kristin... may your own words "I am really positive and hopeful!!" carry your ALL through this difficult time. These positive messages are so healthy for your souls. Big hugs and God Bless!

  2. You guys put a smile on my face!! Stay strong and positive. It's the best medicine for G!!:). We're continually praying @ Caitola. Community church, we'd love to have G stop by anytime and let our ladies love on her!! Mikes worship band is always playing and it's good food for the soul!!

    Sharon and mike