Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday night

It's about 7:00 pm Saturday evening. We just gave G her first Nupagen shot while she was awake. Boy that was a hoot. We tried to be quick and prepared so she did not have to worry about it for any length of time. I don't think there is any way we are going to make that easy. She panicked before we gave it and was furious when it was over. I can't say I blame her. To get dive bombed right in the middle of a Care Bears movie just sucks. She really does not understand why this is happening which makes it that much more cruel. At least Kris and I know why this needs to be done and can take solace in that. God I hate cancer.

I wanted to mention something that I have been thinking about lately, I have had many people break down and get emotional when we are speaking about G. It seems that people feel uncomfortable when this happens, please understand, it is not at all uncomfortable for me. When my friends show true emotions, I appreciate it. Trust me, no one is going to do anything I haven't already done. My tears have been shed and if it is your time, let them flow.

G has had a couple of great days. She is sleeping pretty well and the beautiful weather we are having has had us outside playing with our fantastic neighbors. Kris and I are trying to throttle her back a little to keep her from overdoing it. We got the results from thursdays blood draw and her ANC levels dropped as expected.
As I understand it, this means her ability to fight off infections is very low right now. So tomorrow will be just some outside easter egg hunting at the house and probably eating too much candy with dear old dad. Happy Easter to everyone out there.

Team G
Decorating Easter Cupcakes!



  1. G has the BIGGEST smile in this picture, I love it. Kris, your hair looks awesome! B, you are such a little doll baby! Adam, your words are perfect. I hate breaking down in front of you guys. I want to help be a strong rock for you. However, there are times when it is so hard to hold it together. I just hate what you have to go through, and wish I could make it go away. I will NEVER understand why, I will NEVER agree with it. But, I will ALWAYS be here for you all.

    The cupcakes look delicious!

  2. Happy Easter to the Cosner family. This is a terrific picture. Hoping your easter is an awesome one. We continue to pray and send our positive thoughts. You guys are doing amazing. We don't go one day without thinking about you guys and saying our prayers for healing. Love you and enjoy this day with your beautiful family. xoxo Kristi Matt and Kiddos.

  3. Happy Easter COSNER family Love G's Smile great pic may God always keep you and the family safe and very Blessed GO TEAM G 2 AWESOME WORDS CURABLE and TREATABLE XOXOXO