Thursday, April 26, 2012

IMMUNITY and PRAYERS Around the World

This weekend G's immunity will drop...again.  It brings up so many questions in our minds...who can we be with, can she play with her friends, how much do we need to clean, is she susceptible to the fungus in the soil and will she get an infection from the spores if she plays in the dirt, should she be indoors around people, etc. etc. etc.  Its so difficult to know.  I don't want to live in a bubble but do we really want to risk a couple of days for the possibility of 30 days of isolation in the hospital?  Would it really be 30 days?  Do we want to prolong this any more than necessary?  Even if we did live in a bubble, we could still be susceptible to anything.  The doctors keep reminding us that we can't avoid everything and that 42 weeks isn't exactly black and is medicine.

I just don't know.  It is still so new and we are still figuring it all out. At times like these, this is so much more of a beast than I could have imagined.  I have so many questions that no one can answer for me.  Every little sniffle, cough, or sneeze has me on guard.  I find myself constantly scanning around to see who has a runny nose and reminding myself that G has to wash her hands constantly.
All I can keep telling myself is that it could be so much worse.  At least at this point.  I don't want to think about the future too much.

Yesterday was chemo day.  We all went as a family; me, Adam, Gabriella, and Bridget.  The girls were both amazing.  I actually had fun running the girls around in the red wagon while we waited for the chemo meds.  Gabriella did so well as they accessed her port and gave her the vincristine.  Bridget had to make sure her sister was ok as she watched over the nurses.  They have such a special bond that is being reinforced every step of this process.  It's amazing to watch.
After the hospital, we went to eat lunch and came home to a tidy home (thanks mom) and a lovely meal (thanks Moto's).  G is getting better with her shots as well.  Last time I did it, she bit my finger.  Ouch!  So, Adam has been great enough to give them to her.  Each one is a totally different experience but it G seems to be getting used to it.
G playing her new Nintendo DS from Auntie Deb and Uncle Markie (my cousins). 

Bridget trying to figure out where the plug for the IV goes.  
Future resident!

Rolling around in the Radio Flyer!  G in her mask because of the construction at the hospital.   

On another note...
I am so grateful for all your prayers locally and around the world.

From our long time close friends, the Ow Family:
"George and I just returned from a trip to Israel with Ben, Tori, Andrew and Alexis.  We visited the Old City of Jerusalem and there is a wall called the Western Wall which is part of the original, huge Jewish synagogue that was built before Jesus lived.  It has mostly been destroyed, but there is one wall still standing and Jewish people pray at the Wall (and have for centuries!)  The tradition is that you write a prayer on a piece of paper and put the paper in a crack in the Wall.  Prayers that are put in the Wall are supposed to be answered and I want you to know that I put a prayer for Gabriella in the Wall."

From our friends and neighbors, the McDonnell's:
"Our family is friends with a very high Tibetan Lama and have known him for 6 years.  I run his organization and what makes him unique for a Buddhist teacher is that he has been recognized and he also oversees 7 Monasteries in Tibet.  I sat with him this afternoon at Starbucks and shared Gabriella’s story.  I will say prayers and I am dedicating some practice to the welfare of your child and also your family, but this teacher can offer personal prayers and because of his connections, he can have his entire Monastery pray for Gabriella where many of the world’s preeminent practitioners reside.  If you don’t mind these auspicious prayers to be done for Gabby, I would like to sponsor them and donate to Rinpoche directly and also transfer a donation to Tibet for prayers to be done at his monasteries.  I hope this is not too direct as I don’t know your religious affiliation but I have seen some amazing things over the years.  When I thought what I could do to help your family, this was the first thing that entered my mind."


  1. God, the Father/Mother of us all, hears EVERY prayer! Even the ones we don't know we are praying. He laughs with us, cries with us, celebrates with us, and longs to pour out His strength and love to us.

  2. Amen Bill, I agree!!

    More good news, God has no favorites!
    Acts 10:34-35

  3. He knows my name, he knows my every thought, he sees each tear that falls!! He lives within and is @ our fingertips always!! Highly accessible!! Just give it all to Him!! Amen

    Prayers abounding!!!

    Sharon and mike