Monday, April 16, 2012

G Visits School!

G waiting for the craft project at school. 
Teacher Christina helping G with the iPad.  
Charolette, Zane, Julia, Seamus and Evan "posing" for the camera.

Since G's counts have been back up and its not winter, we decided to take her to school to visit with her friends.  The kids were amazing and so welcoming.  We stayed through circle time and it was great to see how the teachers interact with the kids.  G finally warmed up after a while and enjoyed being with her friends.  She got tired pretty easily, laid her head down and I knew it was time to go.  We still had some shoe shopping to do but I think that was a little much.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing with movies and waiting for the nurse to come draw more blood.  It's still difficult but I'm hoping one of these days it will get easier for her.

As I sit here again trying for 2 hours to write this update, I can't help but think about how this is all going to end.  I'm so hopeful that things will turn out well but there's always the "what if" that enters my mind.   I just can't wait to be at the other end...Gabriella to be the happy strong "CANCER FREE" princess warrior that she deserves to be.  I don't want her to have to worry about seeing doctors and nurses that are going to "hurt" her, poke her with needles, etc. and I do my best to explain that everyone is here to help her.

This week will be another round of the three chemotherapy medicines and G will have to spend Wednesday night at the hospital.  Maybe that's why I'm feeling all over the place.  It's only her second "in house treatment" but I'm a little nervous about how she will feel after.  She is stronger than I could have ever imagined and I know she will prevail!  I'm so incredibly proud of her!

G and Bridgy snuggling up in their M and M pillowcases from our neighbor Kim.

Hanging out in the sun with Uncle Brook and Auntie Alison (taking the picture) over the weekend.  

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  1. Kris I feel your pain and frustration over G's condition, as I took on the task of having my nephew for 21/2 years along with his disability, friedreich ataxia, I would often question why? But, what happened for me is as I was challenged I grew in my faith and strength, because of him I am closer in my relationship with the man above!! I can't do it in the flesh there's a higher power that comes from within when you give it up to Him, same went for Adam, a good looking, loving 21 year old who may never live to see 25, but what we did give him was a trust that God has a plan for his life ! He touched more lives and made such a difference in all the lives of others that he came in contact with in his 21/2 yrs here. He came here a wreck and left with faith, hope and peace in his life!! I pray for your family always and know there is a plan for all of us!! Each day is a blessing and with Him there is hope! Keep up your fabulous work as a caring and loving mom! G is very fortunate for all the love, family and friends ! All the positive surroundings are good medicine for her!! Take care and hope your day is sunny!!!:-)