Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We're back!

We made it through another day and once again my little girl was my strength through a trying day. Gabriella was on to us this morning when we put the numbing cream on her port. The cream goes on about an hour before they "access" it. They use the term "access" to describe plunging a large needle through her chest into the port. It did not really bother G but I nearly passed out when they did it. G got pretty scared when two nurses came in to do the access. I held her on my lap and the nurses were very quick and efficient which made it much easier for both of us. Gabriella was nervous but as soon as it was over I think she was surprised at how little it hurt and it will probably only affect me in the future. I don't think Kris is going to let me go to the hospital any more if I can't stop being such a baby. Gabriella is home and very happy. She is watching Mickey Mouse and acting like nothing happened. She will do this every wednesday for the next 40 weeks. The doctors were pleased to see how good she looked and at how well she is eating and of course pooping (again with the pooping?) They will draw more blood tomorrow to get more information on how well here liver is handling the chemo drugs.
Once again thanks for all the wonderful support and prayers and well wishes. We could not do it without all of your behind us. We feel you every step of the way.

Team G



  1. Port accessing is really not that bad! We've been doing it for over a year now, and Scarlett almost never cries, and most often she smiles because the nurses are talking to her. Pretty soon, you;ll know all the details, from the size of the needle to the concentration of the heparin. Good job Gabriella!

  2. You know it!! We are all here for you....mind, soul, prayers and everything else to get you through this!
    Soooooo happy to hear that G is doing so great, and the wonderful support you are getting! Go Team G!!

  3. Amen, another day behind and G is smiling! Prayers are coming your way, our group prayed vigorously for her!! They are excited to hear of her progress!! The Lord will watch over her and keep her close!! What a blessing she is!!! Have a great evening and love to all!! Kris miss your cupcakes!!!!!:)

    Go G:-)

    Sharon and mike

  4. We knew G was a tough girl! She's a real Ruff Tuff Cream Puff! A parent never knows what their kids are made of until faced with an adversity that most adults don't think they could handle. Maggie taught us that! It doesn't surprise us that mommy and daddy are taking this harder, but feed of her strength...she is an amazing kid. Many hugs and prayers to you all.

    Go Team G!

  5. You go G! You are tougher than daddy!!!!!

  6. We continue to have all of you in our thoughts and prayers. I think your daughter will just continue on this path of amazing you! Children are like that... :) I hope she is doing well. Shannon Jordan