Friday, April 27, 2012

New Blog Addition- DONATIONS

Happy Friday Team G,

One week closer to our victory party.  Because of all of the genorosity being shown literally from all over the world ( I got an email from a couple in Toronto today ) it was decided that to make it easier for everybody we shoud add a "Donate" button on the blog.

A word about donations.  This is a bit difficult for Adam and Kris.  They have good insurance and so far this journey has not been a big financial burden.  Even so, they will have some incidental expenses.  Gas and lodging come to mind, and there may be something unforeseen.  So many people have expressed a desire to contribute, and many are not able to do the meal thing.  So after much deliberation and a bit of encouragement (pressure;-) from the rest of Team G, Adam and Kris agreed to have the paypal donate button on the blog. Any donations are welcome and much appreciated!  They will be used as needed for the extra expenses.  When Gabriella is healed and the journey comes to a close any funds left will be donated.  Some ideas they are considering are, toys for the kids at Lucille Packard and El Camino hospitals and a monetary donation to Cookies for Kids Cancer, or some other pediatric cancer organization.  This will be decided and then announced at Gabriella's victory party.  Adam, Kris, Gabriella, Bridget, and the rest of Team G thank you and are blessed by the love and generosity of friends and even strangers!  The Journey Continues!! 

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