Monday, April 23, 2012

My Frickin' Hero

So we are sitting at dinner eating some wonderful chicken brought by a friend of ours and Gabriella gets up and walks into the kitchen.  I ask "where are you going?"  Gabriella answers, "I'm getting the ketchup out of the fridge."  I tell her the ketchup is on the dinner table and she turns around looks at us and says "well that's good, now I won't have to get so frickin' cold in the fridge!"  Kris and I just about fell out of our chairs.  We tried not to laugh but come on, some things cannot be avoided.

G had a great day.  She spent a couple of hours at her pre-school this morning.  The teachers and kids are so amazing there.  She mixed right back into the herd without hesitation and played like normal.  A couple of kids asked why her hair was so short but she just smiled and thought nothing of it and everything moved on.  Today was blood draw day and she was a champ.  I threw Kris out so she could have a break.  She has been here for everyone of the accesses.  Gabriella looked at me and said "daddy, I promise I will be still this time"  She sat next to me on the couch and did not move when the needle was put in.  I am definitely more freaked out about it than she is.  She watches it go in every time so she knows whats up but soldiers right through it. We gave her, her Neupogen shot a little later.  That shot still pisses her of but we are all getting better with it.

We live in this world of guarded happiness and constant apprehension.  When the laughter comes, it pours out of us like water.  But when the laughter is over, it's still here, the job we have been tasked with.  The battle we must win.  Thank you to all our friends and family for pulling us away for brief periods.  And to our precious children who offer so much strength and comic relief.  My frickin' hero's.

Team G



  1. How awesome, through trials and tribulations our kids still manage a sense of humor and never cease to amaze us!! God bless your spirit little G! The big man above has your back, trust in Him always! Have a good rest and God bless!!!

    Prayers coming your way!!


    Sharon n mike

  2. So FRICKIN' cool, and funny, and inspiring!! You all are so FRICKIN' amazing! ;-)