Friday, April 6, 2012


What can I say, besides that I will probably rewrite this post 10 times before actually posting it ;-)
Ok, I actually started writing this last night....

Gabriella is doing awesome.  She had a rough night last night and good old daddy was there for her.  Its kind of a pattern we established a long time ago...mommy needed to sleep and daddy got up with them at night.  Adam and I are definitely a great team.  I said to Adam that he's just making up for all the years of me being pregnant and breastfeeding them at night.  Gabriella knows daddy is the nicer guy at night and she prefers to go to him anyway.  I'm kinda grouchy.  

We had to wake her a bit earlier than normal because the nurses were coming to draw blood from her already accessed port and take the "string" out.  After a rough night, that wasn't fun.   We left it accessed yesterday so they could draw blood today and not have to poke her again.   I'm sure she will get used to it and become a pro but I'm sure we'll do these things 20 times before we figure out the best way to do it.   I don't know....I think taking the tape off is the most traumatic part!  She hates it! She did great with the blood being drawn but was not happy about the tape.  She was tired too and with chemo yesterday, I'm sure just wiped out.  I've noticed the dark circles under her eyes.  Looking at the blood work, I've also noticed a drop in her hemoglobin and platelets.  The hemoglobin carries oxygen to her body and if you don't have enough...its like being anemic.  The platelets help her blood clot.  They are still at normal but not as high as previously.  Her white blood cell count is normal but the doctors expect a decrease this weekend.

It was really cute to see the concerned look on Bridget's face after the nurses left.  She came over with a frown on her face and patted G on the belly.  Once I told her it was ok, she gave G a hug and it seemed to comfort both of them.  Made my heart melt.

G and Bridget spent the morning (after the nurses left the house) relaxing, drinking milk and playing.  Daddy got to work out and, after wandering around in circles, cleaning the fridge and pantry 10 times, and figuring out what my priorities were, I took Ellie and went for a run.  Its wonderful to just blast my music and run.

Adam and I had a great hour just checking in with each other (and our counselor) about the best way to deal with this.  It's always nice to hear how he is feeling about all of it.  He is my rock when I need it and I am his.  We won't always agree on things but as long as we stay focused, we will get through it with flying colors.  If we were chosen to do this, you better believe we will take it on!  Adam and I have always tried to take the most challenging paths in life.  I think that is what attracted me to him.  Life was (and is) an adventure.  This is more of an adventure than I ever wanted but it is our mission.


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