Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head...

That was our song for the day....dancing around on the beach and in the car.

We had a great day with some of our good friends, Uncle Johnny and Auntie Una (yes, we have adopted a lot of uncles and aunties and we love them all).  The girls were so excited to see them in the morning!  We had coffee, breakfast and Auntie Una had a tea party with the girls.  After lunch, we headed over to Seascape Resort, where they were staying, and took a golf cart down to the beach.  The girls had a blast getting rained on, making sand boats, and hiding their feet in the sand.  After getting wet on the beach, it was time for a quick dip in the jacuzzi then off to Palapas for dinner and margaritas.  I saw my Kewwie at dinner too and it was so nice to see her.  

My Bridgy....
You lookin' at me??
Auntie Una having tea with the girls from their new tea set from Auntie Una.

 My sassy, photogenic little G.  Having a blast on the beach getting her feet buried by Uncle Johnny.
She's got no cares in the world.

Its funny how "difficult" it was just a few months ago to pack the kids up and take them to the beach.  Now, that part in life is easy and fun.  These are the times we will always remember.  I almost feel like we're on vacation until I look at my little girls dark circles under her eyes and see strands of hair falling off her head.  Its still a vacation, but one that's much closer to home and much shorter.

Tomorrow should be a shorter visit at the hospital.  They will just need to access her port and give her one of the chemo medicines.  Really, how long can that be?  I'm going to see if they could use paper tape and maybe that would come off nicer.  The tape is just to sticky and she hates it.  I wouldn't like it either.

As the outpour of support is still coming in for our family, we are still speechless!  I told Adam, maybe we should go see a movie since we're getting all these movie cards!  Thank you again!

Goodnight Team G!

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