Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Today was a great day.  Adam and the girls played outside today during the break in the storm.  I got a great Crossfit workout in and ran a ton of errands.  The nurse came by to draw G's blood.  She did great but complained that it hurt a little more.  Not sure if it was sore from yesterday or if the cream wasn't on long enough.  There are so many variables so we'll see again what happens on Monday.  Since the doctor hasn't called yet, the results are good.  No news is good news for the most part!

I don't want to be stuck on the hair thing but its been a big reality check throughout this whole situation.  G's hair has been falling out quickly.  She has been loosing it from the top mostly but today, I started brushing it out and collecting it for the hair fairy.  It just kept coming out and she said, "Mommy, it feels good when you pull my hair out"!  How funny is that!  She started pulling chunks out (much more than I got) and just laughed!  We even got Bridget in on the action to add to G's hair pile.  G was laughing and smiling the whole time, going back and forth from the mirror to the pile of hair on the floor.  We were just laughing the whole time.  I just told her how beautiful her head was and how pretty her eyes were.  She's just a happy go lucky kid and I'm loving every minute of her strength and bravery!  I'm actually just glad that this part is done.  It's gone now (except for a few sprigs) and I love it!  We can move on from this stage and have fun with her accessories, if she likes.    The hair fairy, Uncle Ronnie and Auntie Mel and part of Team G will be leaving her and Bridget a fun package tonight.  So, if you see G, just tell her how beautiful her hair is and how much her eyes stand out!  

 G with her beautiful smile and a sticker on her head.  The little bump is her port.  

 Bridget and G fitting in the pajama drawer.  

This weekend will be more of the same, enjoying ourselves and having fun!  

Hi guys, this is Adam.  G was jumping on the treadmill this afternoon.  I'm not too sure where she got it from but she started a little chant.  I ran in and got my phone to video it. 

Hopefully the link works.  It just reminded myself how she listens to everything we say and I strongly believe that a great deal of her strength comes from the support of Team G.  I know much of my strength does.

Team G



  1. Amazing. She looks so beautiful, strong and ready to conquer the world!!!! I love that little girl for giving me strength too!

  2. She really looks great, it's so hard to put the story together with this beautifl girl. And like Brittany said, she looks strong (as a tough rock). Cant wait till she beats this so I can tell her about the times when I was scared and how on those days she always showed me how to be strong.

    TEAM G

  3. I'm laughing and crying..... your hair fairy fun is genius!!! We are so happy this hurdle is behind you! The way you are making this fun for g and little bridgett is truly inspiring!