Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Hair Fairy

Last night, we got a visit from the hair fairy.  Before bedtime, Bridget, Gabriella and I placed my hair on the matt at the front door.  I told G that the hair fairy was coming to get my hair and leave something in return.  She loved the idea so I found a bag of popcorn and a couple of books to leave from the hair fairy. This morning, she was so excited about the gifts we received.  I asked her if she wanted to leave some hair for the fairy tonight and she was excited about it.  I was able to cut about 3 inches off (its been a while since I've cut it) in anticipation of her loosing it in about 2 weeks.  She even got the ok from Bridget to cut a little bit of her hair and place it in the bag as well.
It was hard to cut her hair but I just had to do it.  I'm sure it will be harder when it starts to fall out.  Not that it will be hard for her but hard as a parent to accept the changes that are happening.  I think seeing a child with no hair is a tell tale sign that the child is going through chemo treatments and its a serious reality check.  But, I also know that it is a sign that the medication is working and killing the cancer.

G seemed to be getting her appetite back as well.  She was able to eat more food; hot dog, some rice, meat, strawberries and of course her milk.  We would tease her and call her a "milk-a-holic" because she would always drink multiple cups of milk a day.  She just laughs.
She was in very good spirits today and danced with Bridget on the bed tonight to my 80's music...lol!  Adam wasn't home of course or I'm sure we'd be listening to something else ;-).  They had a great time until Bridget fell off the bed...party over and time to sleep.

I was able to get to the gym and got a lot of great compliments about my hair!!  Thanks guys and gals!  It made my day.  I just love our Crossfit gym and our Crossfit community.  The amount of support coming from the gym alone is amazing.  I just can't say enough about the support from our family and friends as well.  We will keep telling you all how much it helps and how much we appreciate it even if it gets old to hear!!

Being a nurse, I find it reassuring that the things we do for our patients, we are doing to help them.  Even though at the time it might hurt or be very uncomfortable, we know that there is a reason for the temporary discomfort.  I am trying so hard to remember this as we go through these procedures, needle sticks, etc. that by doing these things, we are helping Gabriella survive.   We have been giving her Neupogen injections at night to help stimulate her white blood cell count since the chemo will decrease her immunity.  After she goes to sleep, we put lidocaine on an arm or leg to help numb the area.  Then we go back in to give her the shot.  Even though she still feels it, I think that the anxiety of giving her a shot when she is awake would just be too much at this point.  It is just horrible to have to cause pain to your child and both Adam and I just dread it.  I wonder if she will remember, if the cream is actually working, if she's going to have major trust issues with us later on...etc. etc.  I think about the children who have diabetes and who's parents have to go through these shots multiple times a day.  I don't know what is worse.  But I know we do it because we care about our children's health.  We do it because we have to.  There is no other option except to cure her.



  1. Good am to all: Kristin, you are doing an amzing job along with your family! I look forward to your updates so I can b specific n my daily devotions for you guys!! I read this this morning and instantly thought of you!! When I am weak, THEN I am strong, my strength is not found in my own abilities or my staying power. Instead I'm strong because God sustains me and fills me with his Grace in the midst of battle!! Have a great day, G is n our thoughts and prayers daily!!



  2. To the Cosner family you guys are my HEROS I know that as parents what wouldn't you do for your child you and Adam have brought me to my knees thanking God for the Cosner family it humbles me I continue to pray and read verses from the Bible I read your blog everyday Blessings Always. GO TEAM G!!!!! The best 2 words in my life at this moment is CURABLE and TREATABLE!!!!!! XOXOXO

  3. Kristin, you are so strong. I love reading the posts and getting updates on your little angel and the whole family. Your hair looks really cute too. I love the hair fairy idea. We think about you all the time. My mom and I spent an hour on the phone today talking about G and the whole situation. We really want to get a "kids for Cancer" walk together to support you guys. What do you think about that? We did one for my brother when he had cancer and the whole community really got together and it was very special. you guys are amazing.


  4. You are amazing people. Truly making lemonade out of lemons ��