Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Results and Easter thoughts...

We finally got the "official results"  that we have been waiting for this past year...the results that couldn't come soon enough.  That G's scans are clear and the PET scan (which detects active cancer in her body) was negative, meaning no active cancer.  I don't think I've seen our doctor, Dr. Marina in such a great mood.  Granted, she's a doctor that knows her stuff and will tell you when to worry and when things are going to be ok. She definitely had a cool, calm and relax demeanor when we met...and it put me at ease.  It felt good to know we are on the other side of the hill...pretty much at the bottom.  We've made it through the hardest part and now the light is brighter than ever.  I know as we move forward with each scan (every 3 months) the light will increase in brightness and we will continue to be overjoyed with the words..."Your child has beaten childhood cancer!!  She is a SURVIVOR!!!"  I will always let these words overcome me with emotion.

This time of year last year was very hard for me (obviously).  We were only a couple of weeks into diagnosis and chemo treatments and it was Easter time.  I remember feeling so sad and so mad that this was happening.  I remember feeling so upset that my G couldn't join us for Easter brunch with my family but had to stay home with daddy because she felt sick and her counts were down.  Her hair was falling out in chunks and I remember the despair I felt...all while trying to keep my composure.

Just today, I went out and bought a ton of Easter eggs, candy, chocolate, etc. and went home to stuff them for our egg hunts on Friday at school, Friday eve with the cousins, Saturday with our friends and Sunday for the official day.  A little excessive...maybe but we have A LOT of making up to do!  I used to try and limit the candy and chocolate with more coins, yogurt covered almonds, and healthy stuff.  But there's nothing like candy when you are little and needing to live it up!

The girls are in school and thriving!  It's such a joy for me to pack their lunches, get them ready for school and know that they are enjoying lots of time with their friends.  They have taken some time to adjust and Stacey, Junie, Pam, and Sharon have all been wonderful about slowly letting the girls acclimate to the environment.  I couldn't be more grateful for Circle of Friends and how supportive everyone (including all of the parents) has been!

Team G Foundation is coming along and I can't wait to get started!!  I hope you will all join us in our mission to help support families battling childhood cancer and find less toxic treatments to ultimately cure cancer in children!

Thank you again for ALL of your UNWAVERING support!!!  We are beyond GRATEFUL for everything!!!

Happy Easter!

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