Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I was driving home today and thinking that I wanted to write something about how long and arduous this journey has been.  How radiation is so draining and tiring, then we stopped at the beach.  Kris and I decided to drive down the coast on our way home today.  It is such a beautiful drive and we know the girls love it.  Gabriella had one request, to stop at a beach with some sand.  As we pulled in to the parking lot of a sandy beach along our route, G started to get excited.  Bridgey was asleep in the motorhome so Kris hung with her and G and I went down to the beach.  As I watched G gathering seashells and dodging waves, it hit me what I have been missing.  I have been wading through this thing, surviving the days and looking only to the end.  Gabriella is living.  Every minute of every day is a page in her life that she is soaking up.  Today I woke up with my incredible family all around me, I spent this morning playing at the hospital with Bridget while Kris waited with G to get her radiation done.  When G woke up we took a very cool bike ride around the Stanford campus, loaded up and drove down the coast, played at the beach, had a great meal and made it home for baths and bed.   This life is a gift.  I am going to try much harder to remember that.

Team G


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