Friday, January 18, 2013

13 down 1 to go

It's almost 9:00 am Friday.  G is sleeping.  I am reminiscing about how many times I have watched G sleep in this hospital, in this very room actually.  So many times, backed by so many different emotions.  What an incredible ride this has been.

Gabriella had her 13th VAC (vincristine, actinomiacyn, cyclophosamide) chemotherapy treatment yesterday.  The day started out with some minor excitement when we got a call from El Camino hospital telling us that her Chemo had been canceled for the day because they did not have any beds.  We immediately began making phone calls and within the hour they managed to find a bed at Lucille Packard for her.  It actually worked out pretty well because G has started to associate the "big" hospital (El Camino) with feeling really bad from the chemo.  Kris and I were curious to see how she would do at the "little" hospital instead.  It was easier to get her motivated to go but she was still apprehensive and scared when she realized it was going to be the same shit as always.  The change of hospitals set us back a few hours and things are never as streamlined or on time at Packard because they are so busy.  We had a couple of outstanding nurses that got things going and by 6:00 pm her chemo was done and she was high as a kite on meds.  I know I have said this before but watching my now 5 year old stoned out of her mind is such a disturbing site.  She is quite funny and says some interesting things but I will be glad when she gets her innocence back and these things are far behind us.

Another positive of coming to Packard was that Gabriella's oncologist, Dr. Marina came to see us at the end of the day.  It is always great to see her, she brings such calm, positive energy, that we always feel better after meeting with her.  She was very pleased with how G is doing and how well she looked.  She thinks that this one and the last chemo treatment will be easier on her because she is almost recovered from the radiation treatments.  They don't really understand why they affect each other the way they do but she said the father away from radiation the easier the chemo becomes.

G had a very special visit yesterday from Squishy, her counselor from Camp Okizu who is a pre-med student here at Stanford.   Kris called her when we got here and she was able to free up her busy schedule and spend some time with G.  Gabriella absolutely adores her and it really made her day.  She is a pretty incredible young lady.

So I guess besides poisoning my kid yesterday it was all in all a pretty good day.

Team G


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