Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Coalition Against Childhood Cancer meeting, Day #3

Day #3 

Last night I was really worried about my mom so we had a plan to visit an urgent care in the morning if she still wasn't feeling well. We ended up both sleeping in a little longer than planned but it helped...both of us really. I was starting to feel a little worn down and knew I needed some extra sleep.  Mom felt better so we rallied and went back to the Capitol building for a photo opportunity with Senator Barbara Boxer.  It ended up being a great follow up to the meeting I had with her staffer, Patrick the previous day.  We talked a while after taking our picture with the Senator. I hope that leaves a lasting impression and that they are able to move forward with supporting the Acts we presented (I'll update on these later).

Me and my mom, looking like she wasn't
sick at all the previous couple of days!
Senator Barbara Boxer, small and mighty.

We had lunch and made our way to the second half of the inaugural Coalition Against Childhood Cancer meeting.  The first half was in the morning but we were able to see most of it from the hotel room on a live stream they set up. It all worked out really well. 

Meeting these cancer parents who all share the same passion, common goals and the emotional connection for childhood cancer was very empowering. Many of these parents had lost their child and wanted to continue the fight in their honor. These people were incredible and the meeting was incredibly informative on how this new childhood cancer supportive foundation will best move forward together. When we join, which we are planning on doing, we will be considered "founding members". I'm honored to be a part of this new organization and am looking forward to the movements we will make together. This is not a fundraising organization but one that will provide support and membership to enhance the roles of other childhood cancer foundations. It will help us form an "umbrella" so we can do more together.  

After the meeting, we made our way to a really nice dinner. Now, it's off to bed.  Tomorrow will be a speedy tour of all the highlights of DC on a bus tour, then the airport and home. 

I do miss my family dearly. Gabriella and Bridget are with Adam, Grandma and Grandpa. They've been swimming, going to the Boardwalk and I'm sure eating lots of ice cream.  Adam has had to work a couple of days but Grandma and Grandpa are taking very good care of the girls. I'm sure they miss me as well. I heard that Bridget woke up crying and G sat holding her for over an hour.  I just love my girls and are so proud of them!   I can't wait to get home and kiss their little heads and give them huge hugs!!  

This had been an incredible trip and I'm sure I will be talking about it for days to come!  

Remember to join us at our inaugural Team G Family Festival on July 7th! It's going to be a blast!

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