Friday, June 21, 2013

Day #4, seeing the sights

Day #4 was a great day of sightseeing.  We were pretty much wiped out but had to see some of the major attractions.  I'm still trying to catch up on some sleep so I will write more tomorrow!
The Capitol Rotunda

The Old Post Office

Union Station with a statue of Christopher Columbus
and three flags representing his three ships.

Our bus tour driver ran into this latter
and poked a whole in the bus.  

The Smithsonian Castle
The famous Hope Diamond.

My favorite stone...sapphires.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial.
Washington Monument and the reflecting pool.  There has been construction
 on the monument since the 2011 earthquake but they are planning completion by next year. 

 A dedication to the brave Vietnam nurses
who served in this war. 

Mom finding her cousin Eddy on the wall.  
World War II Memorial. 
Shuttle to the airport!

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