Saturday, July 13, 2013

DISNEYWORLD!! (Forgot to Post)

I realized this post needed a page to itself.  What an amazing trip!


It started with a limo picking us up bright and early for our trip to Florida.  

On the plane, they made a special announcement congratulating Gabriella on her Make A Wish trip!
Both the girls got to sit in the pilot's seat and check out all the devices they use to fly the plane.  

The girls checking out the cockpit and saying hi to the pilot!

On the fairy across the lagoon to the Magic Kingdom.
 Thunderstorms greeted us later that day but it was warm and wonderful!  

 We went to the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique at the Magic Kingdom for another princess make-over.  I just love seeing the girls in their princess outfits and having fun getting pampered!  Since they didn't have any appointments available, we had to go to the Downtown Disney Boutique later on that day.  Bridget wasn't too happy about this.  She ran back into the store, started taking her shirt off and I finally realized (since I couldn't understand her that well) that she didn't want to wait to wear her Snow White princess dress.  She had it on before we reached the cash register.  
Gabriella got so many stares and compliments on her wild red locks as Merida.  It was fun to see people staring at her for something other than her little bald head.  

While we were at the Boutique and after the girls got their make-over, a few of the "Fairy Godmothers in training" came out with two of the Animation dolls and presented them to the girls.  Someone was so taken by the girls and wanted to give them each one of these dolls, while remaining anonymous.  It was such a special moment.  People are so kind.  

A visit with Arial.

Our first princess to see was Princess Merida.  We didn't realize that our Give Kids The World badge would give us a front row seat to see all of the princesses and characters!  Some of the amazing Disney workers saw our special badge and immediately escorted us to the front of the line.  They waited till all the kids were out of Merida's special area so we could spend some time with her.  WOW...Disney is something special!
This same thing happened when we went to see Belle and hear her fairytale story.  They had us wait till after the show and Belle came back out to have a special visit with us.  I'm not sure if G and Bridgy realize how special these moments were (I'm sure they will when they have to wait in line like everyone else on our next trip!) but we will tell them all about it when they're older.

Adam and Bridget with Belle's Castle in the background.

A late night watching the electric parade.


Another favorite moment: We were ne of my favorite moments: 
We were walking through Epcot, Snow White tapped on my shoulder





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