Monday, July 2, 2012


So for the last 24 hours I have been debating how I am going to say thank you.  My first instinct is to use lots of adjectives like amazing and incredible but for those of you who know me that's not really my style.  I thought it would be more appropriate to tell you about G and how her day went.
The day started pretty mellow but we could tell that G was a little off her game.  Kris and I had been prepping her for the Benefit.  We told her there were going to be quite a few people there that wanted to see her and only wanted the best for her.  We told her it would be great if she would smile at people. She has never been a big fan of crowds or people "looking at her" but things are changing rapidly with her new life as a cancer kid.  On our drive to the gym, Gabriella was playing her video game and getting kind of grumpy.  As we were pulling in I wanted to crank up the music and have some fun.  G yelled at me to turn it down, which is totally out of character for her.  She usually loves loud music.  As we got out of the car I looked at her eyes and saw she was getting a little panicked until she saw her good friend Nicole Winters and all was well.  For next couple of hours, Gabriella had the time of her life.  She asked me to carry her so she could take her shoes off and show every one her beautiful toenail paint.  The smiles and well wishes from everyone really made her day.  When 6 rigs from Santa Cruz fire pulled into the parking lot, her immediate response was "this is AWESOME!"  We had initially planned to have her stay at the Benefit for somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes but when we told her she should go she said no way.  At about one o'clock I noticed she was looking a little pale and asked her if she would go home with Nana.  She reluctantly complied.
Kris and I stayed and gave blood and helped out a little before heading home.  When we got home G was still walking on cloud 9.  We couldn't get her to sleep until almost 10:00 pm.  She kept telling us about her favorite parts of the day.
So for all of you who were there and for those of you who couldn't make it but sent your love and well wishes, you made my beautiful little girl very happy and for that I say thank you.  For everything else you did for my family, I have no words, my gratitude is overwhelming me.

Team G


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  1. Very nice Adam. We had fun and enjoyed seeing G. Makayla loves her team G shirt and has worn it every day. What a special day that was. Lots of love and support.