Saturday, July 14, 2012

Surgery Postponed

It's Friday, we're home but the surgery was not done.  We drove up yesterday afternoon to enjoy a swim in the pool and have a nice dinner at the Westin, where Brook and Alison had gotten us a room. Grandma and Grandpa drove up from down south so they could help with Bridget while we were with G the next day.  We had a great time playing in the pool and the girls loved it.  We were settling down for the night and received a call around 8pm letting us know that there was an emergency at the hospital and they were canceling all surgeries the next day, including Gabriella's.  Apparently there was a water main break due to all the construction going on at Packard.  The water got into the ground floor of the hospital (where the surgery center is located) and ruined all the sterile supplies.  They were scrambling to prepare for any emergency operations and had to cancel all the scheduled surgeries.  I was so incredibly pissed last night.  All that mental preparation, the phone calls, and the physical preparation just to get cancelled the night before.  I had a handful of words I wanted to say to the nurse on the other end of the phone but what good was that going to do.  It wasn't her fault and it wasn't any of the doctors faults.  We sent an email to Dr. Aftandilian to let her know and she was pretty frustrated as well.  She had worked really hard to get everyone coordinated for G's surgery.   I can't dwell on what happened or try and figure out why.  It just happened.  We just move forward from here and get this surgery rescheduled.  If we dwell on it, we won't be able to move on.  Some things are out of our control.  That's just life.

This was just a quote I found online and thought it was applicable.  The universe is really humoring us.

"Trials and tribulations—not getting what we want when we want it, saying goodbye on terms we can’t control. Each of these is the universes way of humoring us, of helping us grow and allowing us to reframe the past from a place of gratitude for our present and our future."

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” ~Albert Einstein

The next morning where we would have been getting up at about 5:30, we slept in.  (Believe me, I would have been happy to get up that early to get this done.)  Adam and G woke before me and I woke up to a warm latte and a visit from Uncle Ronnie.  We packed up and went to Stanford Shopping Center for a visit to the Apple store, a new iPhone for me (mine was dropped and the screen shattered...not a kid friendly toy really) a late breakfast/early lunch and a trip to Sprinkles for cupcakes.  Gabriella is eating really well and seems to be feeling pretty good.  We actually looked around Macy's at some of the fun colored clothes before heading home.  We got a wonderful visit from our friends Bryan and Janet, who had planned to help us get through the surgery but came down to our house with food and wine instead.  I went for a run after they left while G rested and Bridget napped.  As I was on my run, I received a call from the surgeon, Dr. Brazoni who wanted to let me know they were planning to go ahead with the surgery this coming Friday, the 20th.  Everyone had been scrambling all day to figure out the "new date" and to once again get their schedules all coordinated.  We had been making calls to the surgery center and emailing our doctor to find out what the plan was.  At one point we were going to do another overnight chemo but that got changed quickly.  Good thing because we would have had to wait another 2 weeks after for her counts to go back up.
So, July 20th is the new date for her surgery.  As much as I'd like to write that in stone, I think I'll just pencil it in for now.

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  1. We're keeping our fingers crossed for you! Hang in there!!