Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIsneyland PHOTOS!!

Our first princess and I believe, Disney's first princess.
She was such royalty!

Hmmm....I think I want the tiara, not the crazy rainbow hair
(that mommy picked out).

Bridgy with the wild hair...which she eventually ripped out.
Oops...mommy's bad.  But it was so HER!

Daddy and one of his princesses.

My beautiful amazing girls!!!  I just LOVE them with all of my heart!

Aurora...had to hop in this one.

In front of Small of my favorite rides this trip!

I just love this picture.  It was after the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.
Such great memories. 

Another beautiful Snow White

Arial's Grotto

Captain Hook...what a character!  Bridgy didn't want to meet

Waiting to see Periwinkle and Tinkerbell

Bridgy admiring her caterpillar. 

Face painting time

G being shy with Rapunzel but absolutely loving the experience!

Had to hop in the Rapunzel and Flynn picture too.
Forgot my purple dress!

The girls at Pluto's kitchen with Minnie.

Chip...his nose is black and his teeth are in the middle.
Oh, and he has "Chip" on his apron!  

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  1. Okay - I'm exhausted from all the socializing! These are fantastic photos and it looks like - despite everything - you squeezed in some serious memory making. Nice job mom and dad. I have no idea how much Xanax you are taking but this was amazing!