Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gabriella's SNOW DAY!!!

Angels in the Santa Cruz community have answered Gabriella's wish to play in the snow for her birthday and have a white christmas.  An article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel came out today about these wonderful people that are making this happen.  I just wanted to make sure to include Marjorie Glover and Susan Osorio from Jacob's Heart were included in the acknowledgement for putting this event together.  Adam talked about how this event came about in the last blog post.  With an inquisition on Facebook about a snow machine and a few committed individuals, Deb and Glenna, the ball started rolling.  The employees of Seagate have been working hard to get together contributions for this snow day to happen.  Susan and Marjorie from Jacob's Heart got involved and have been eagerly planning all the details.  I thought I was organized but Marjorie is giving me a run for my money...lol!  She has been amazing lining people up, coordinating volunteers, and getting donations.  All the emails have been going back and forth to those who have been involved for putting this event together...and it's come together in about 2 weeks!


Above is the link to the article in the paper.  Gabriella doesn't know this is going to happen yet but she knows that there is going to be a big birthday celebration for her coming up this Friday.  We were contemplating about how much to tell her just in case she became sick and wasn't able to attend.  We don't want her to be more disappointed if she ended up in the hospital knowing there was a snow day happening for her.  It's a fine line.

The families of Jacob's Heart (other children and families dealing with childhood cancer) have been invited, friends and family have been invited.  The event is complimentary but we are asking for donations in any amount for Jacob's Heart.  We will also be offering cookies donated from local businesses including Pacific Cookie Company, hot chocolate from Surf City Coffee, snacks from Erik's Deli, and more treats are still being gathered!

Cookies by the dozen will be sold for Cookies for Kids' Cancer!  We are registered for a "bake sale" at cookiesforkidscancer.org under the OXO Match Program where every dollar we make is doubled by OXO!!!  I'm excited to be able to incorporate all of these events for the holidays and bring my daughters some holiday excitement.

If you are interested in helping, please contact
Marjorie Glover at mlglover917@hotmail.com
Glenna Heller at glenna.w.heller@seagate.com
Susan Osorio at susan@jacobsheart.org
Deb Loze at deborah.s.loze@seagate.com

Here is the flyer for Gabriella's Snow Day! 

Adam and I are incredibly excited about this day to come.  I can't speak for Adam but I've been feeling pretty down since G's last chemo (overnight chemo #11).  She did amazingly well without nausea and vomiting issues.  But in order to keep her from throwing up, we basically have to knock her out with sedating meds and strong anti-nausea medications that leave her stumbling and dizzy.  Again, it is just incredibly painful to see her go through this.  She came home the following day but she was so messed up by the meds.  Every time she got up to use the bathroom, I had to catch her from walking and stumbling into the walls.  It is taking her much longer to recover from these three drug treatments...and we have three more to go.  I see her trying to just be a kid; wanting to play but the fatigue comes quickly and she has to hold herself back.  To see someone who is always full of life be so run down that she has to take breaks every few minutes is rough.  It's just painful and has put me into a slump.  It feels like I'm again running a marathon and the word "tired" is starting to enter my mind.  I know all too well that this isn't the word I want to think.  It's not the feeling that I want to overtake me.  The light at the end of the tunnel is starting to appear...the finish line and we are almost to the end where we can smell sweet success.  

On another note, the Adopt a Family has gone amazingly well!  There were so many people who wanted to get involved!  Through Jacob's Heart and a couple of other local sources, we were able to adopt 28 children and their families.  This was mentioned in the paper but it sounds like they were a little confused where the 28 came from.  (Jacob's Heart provides services to many more families.)  Deliveries are still being made and families are still being blessed with your generosity!  More to come...

Today I had the opportunity to speak at the Freedom Rotary meeting about childhood cancer and Cookies for Kids' Cancer.  In the past, my parents have been very active through this organization with my dad being an ongoing member and my mom being past president.  For my first presentation on childhood cancer, I was nervous but felt very welcomed with open arms by this group.  One of my pediatric cancer fighting compadres, Michelle has been an amazing support and joined me for the meeting.  To say I'm thankful for everything Michelle has done for pediatric cancer awareness is an understatement.  When I talked about the lack of funding for childhood cancer research and the fact that the National Cancer Institute only gives 4% of the billions for cancer funding...for ALL 12 major types of childhood cancer, I saw faces drop.  This is something that needs to change.  There has been active movements going on to change this and one in particular that I wanted to mention.  

Please take the time to watch this video and visit the website called The Truth 365.  
It's hard to watch and it takes time but it's THAT IMPORTANT.  I wasn't a cancer parent until my daughter was diagnosed last March.  Be a part of the movement that changes the chances for children fighting cancer.  

Other organizations like Cookies for Kids' Cancer, Alex's Lemonade Stand, St. Baldrick's, and CureSearch all play a very important role in changing these statistics for children.

In Gratitude and Hope,


  1. This is amazing. I hope to get off work early so I can bring my toddler... will there be enough room for him?

    xo! And Happy Holidays!

  2. Kristin,
    I'm so proud of you for playing your part in raising awareness for pediatric cancer! As you're in the trenches with Gabriella, you are still thinking of all the other children fighting too...and taking action! I have tears streaming down my face and wanted to let you know what a great job you are doing. It's a club none of us ever wanted to be a part of, and you are helping others in their fight by letting everyone know the need for a cure. Thank you!
    And I remember being at the phase you are currently in during Carter's treatment. The child you know that is so full of life, only shows a glimmer here and there. And you wonder if they'll ever be the same. She will be. She'll get through treatment, and be cancer-free and more full of life than ever before! Hang in there!!
    XOXO, Kara