Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day #3 - 30 Day Writing Challenge...Life after Surviving Childhood Cancer

Wow, 30 days of writing is no joke. I guess that's why they call it a challenge. 
I'll try to get this out before I fall asleep. More processing today. Is there a day that goes by where someone doesn't process their lives...or is it just anal retentive overly OCD people like myself?  Believe me, I'm working on that.   

I got to go for a long run with a new and becoming close friend of mine today. It's always so helpful to hear another working moms perspective on work and kids. Although I'm barely a working mom, I still consider myself to be a "part time" working mom (maybe a "less than part time working mom" would be more like it) with the actual job where I get paid and the job where my passion currently lies. Not to mention all the mommy duties that we all share as moms. Seriously, I have no idea how a full time working mom does it all. How do you do it all?  To spend quality time with the family as a whole, the kids, the husband, the house and everything that goes along with's no wonder why moms barely have any "me" time. Yet, when there is "me" time, there is sometimes so much guilt that goes along with it and make up time for the messes you come home to that's it's barely worth it.  But, yeah it's still worth it.  Anyway, I'm believing again in that strong word I use so's called "balance". I don't know how to quite get there but I will always strive to somehow get close to it. 

Adam and I got to spend a wonderful evening dining and talking about our next steps into the future...what the foundation will look like, what school will look like, and what our family will look like. Although you never quite know what things will look like until you actually get there. Even then, it can change drastically. You just have to keep working at it. 

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