Thursday, May 24, 2012

And the pendulum swings back...

12 hours after our fantastic news that the tumor is shrinking, Gabriella walked into our bedroom with a fever.  We checked it throughout the night and just before 5:00am Wednesday morning it reached the magic mark of 102.1 and I packed her up and we drove to Dominican ER.  By noon G and Kris were in LPCH's ambulance for another trip over the hill.  The doctors at Packard think she may have picked up a Urinary Tract Infection but as of now the tests are inconclusive.  The good news is that her body was able to fight the infection.  That indicates that her immune system is still functioning, just suppressed by the chemo.  Kris stayed with her in the hospital last night and said that by 11:00 pm here fever broke (with the help of some serious antibiotics) and they are hoping to resume chemo tomorrow morning if she can remain afebrile for 48 hours.

Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) showed up yesterday and are helping with Bridget and the rest of the logistics necessary when we are in the hospital.  I have to admit this is an emotional roller coaster that I never imagined.  To watch G go through the pain, sickness, fever, fear is complete torture.  Just when we think that we won't be able to take another minute, it breaks.  Something happens that lightens the load.  Whether it is the kindness of a friend or stranger, the strength of our child, or news that the treatment is working, it saves us.  It realigns us and keeps us going.  We get a great deal of kind words from people but realistically we are doing what we have to do and it is truly the kindness of our support system that is pushing through this.

Here is the link to the Santa Cruz sentinels home page, the lower left hand corner has linked the Community Media Lab to this blog.  I'm not sure what it is about but I like the fact that they have taken an interest in our story and hopefully it will just lead to more support and good thoughts and prayers for G.

Team G


Yes, I almost was a patient over highway 17.
The ambulance ride might be Adam's permanent job. 

Bridget in the Forever Young Zone making G a smoothie.  

G in her pretty new dress from the Hartfield's.


  1. Oh man, so sorry to hear about the fever and everything that comes with it. Give that girl a break! Stay strong and positive, it looks like she is.

  2. Sending so many prayers, hugs and love your way.
    - Mariah & family