Sunday, May 13, 2012

To my Kris

I wanted to put this on the blog so the people who are supporting us will know ow much you mean to me, to us, to the family you have raised and nurtured.  For the last ten years it has been us.  You and me.  Through times that I wished would never end to times that we cannot get through fast enough.  But it always has been us.  I am so proud of the mother you are.  It brings me to my knees to watch you with our girls.  Your patience and understanding with them is remarkable.  One word that always come to mind when I think of you is grace.  Grace in every meaning of the word.  Grace in movement, action and thought.  Right now we are faced with the fight of our lives and I know that I will battle and survive, you will come through with grace.  And our angel will be better for it.  We all will be better for it.  We all are better because you are in our lives.
I love you with everything I have.

Team G


Kris, G and Boudrow in Oklahoma.

El Chorro, Spain

Paris, France.  The trip where we got engaged. 

Going for a hike at the Grandparents house.

Pregnant and sick.

Our trip to Kauai.

Kris and Charlie, our first dog.

Kris and Brit

Climbing Cathedral Peak, Yosemite

Gibraltar with the friendly monkeys.


Camping in Joshua Tree.

In Philadelphia with nephew Theo (a cancer survivor)
and nieces Elizabeth and Corinne.

Coming home from work at CHO.

Mendocino, first anniversary. 


Hiking around in Tahoe with G.

At a wedding.


  1. I love it. You are awesome Adam. You two are a great team and will get through this. What a special post during this difficult time.

  2. Adam, you brought tears to my eyes. I love how much you love Kris. You have helped mold her into the most beautiful, strong, supportive, giving, creative "Graceful" rock star of a mama! You both amaze me. happy Mothers to my bestest friend. I look up to you Kris, I love you so much!!!!

  3. Babe,

    Every time I read this it brings a tear to my eye. I never thought I'd find my soul mate but I have in you. I can't imagine doing this with anyone else. You are my rock and I LOVE YOU dearly!!


  4. Adam and Kris:

    It is this profound love and celebration of love that will continue to give you your strength. That was beautiful and uplifting ! We continue to hold you all very close...Mitzi and Dave

  5. Oh yeah, the picture of me laying in the driveway was when I was about 9 months pregnant with Gabriella and very sick. The ground was cold and felt so good at the time! It was the only comfortable place. I was so uncomfortable! I have tea next to me ;-)

  6. This profound testimony and celebration of love will continue to give you both the strength... that was such an uplifting and beautiful thing to read! Thinking of you both always....Mitzi and Dave