Saturday, May 26, 2012

Round 3 in the books

I am sitting in a darkened hospital room at LPCH watching G sleep.  Her blood counts came up sufficiently today so that they could give her round 3 of her 3 drug chemo.  This will put us almost 3 weeks behind.  If the last two illness had not occurred, we would be starting number 4 this wednesday.  Now I know why the docs said not to put them on our calendar, at least not in pen.  She had a very good day today.  We had lots of fun playing in her room, doing puzzles, cutting everything with scissors (including my hair, she laughed and said I look like swiss cheese).  She even did some squats and pushups with me, helping me get ready for the Crossfit for Kelvin workout tomorrow.  Of course no normal pushups would do, hers were ballerina mermaid princess pushups.  About 7:00pm she said she was starting to get a stomach ache and she immediately fell asleep.  I hope this means that her body is just recovering from the drugs she was given today.  They have not affected her this fast before so it makes me worried that she was not really ready for the chemo.  I guess only time will tell.  And I guess it is my job to sit here and worry.  Damn I wish I had a different job.
Thanks again for all the beautiful gifts and support.  It is really helping us out right now.  If any of you are looking for something to do tomorrow, Annie Sakamoto, the owner of Crossfit Santa Cruz Central is holding a benefit for one of her trainers who was stricken with lymphoma.  It is between 9 am and 2 pm with lunch and t-shirts and some fun Crossfit workouts.  I am hoping that she wakes up feeling ok tomorrow so I can sneak out of here for a couple of hours and represent Team G.

Team G


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  1. 3 down Team G. You can do this. It's working which makes all your hard work worth it! The results speak from themselves! Lots of love to you.