Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bridgey B

That's what we usually call Gabriella's little sister Bridget who will turn two years old on Tuesday.  I have spent so much time and energy concentrating on G and her cancer that I worry that Bridget is not getting all that a beautiful and wonderful 2 year old deserves.  This weekend Kris put together a little birthday party for her.  It was such a great party and I really think it meant the world to Bridget.  We had a lady come with a little petting zoo and a few friends came over to help Bridgey to celebrate.

Bridget and Gabriella have been very close since Bridgey was born but we have seen some pretty amazing sympathy from Bridget for her sister that shows us their bond is deeper than we imagined.  When Gabriella was lying on a little bench in our front yard feeling kind of ill, Bridget walked up and put her head on her chest and just held her for a while.  We really have no idea how much the girls truly understand about what is going on.  I hope that we can continue to be positive and help our girls through this so when it is all over we can return to a normal life.

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