Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No Overnight Tonight

Gabriella's ANC was still low from yesterday's blood work.  It's gone back down since our discharge on Saturday.  She's still fighting this virus.  This means that they couldn't give her her overnight chemo (the combination of 3 meds), the same three meds they couldn't give her last week because of her neutropenic fever.  Ugg.  However, she did get her weekly vincristine today and sent us home.  At least that's something.  At least she gets a little break.  I just don't want to give her cancer any chance to grow further by delaying her chemo treatments.  It's a very fine balance and we are walking a tight rope every day.  

The doctors say these "setbacks" are common.  They don't actually consider them setbacks but just part of a cancer patients life.

So far, Friday (the 18th) we are scheduled for a PET/CT at noon and Tuesday (the 22nd) will be the MRI.  I'm sure that will change as everything else has.  I feel like a ping-pong ball being bounced around everywhere at every moment.  Surprisingly, I don't mind.   It's just a part of this whole journey to get my girl well and I'm willing to do whatever it takes however exhausting it might be.  It's a very strong trust that one must have in the medical system.  Yes, we are doing research and making sure we ask the right questions but at some points, we have to let go and trust that she is getting the right treatment.  It's a VERY hard thing to do especially when we know so much about the medical field.  We just don't know very much about cancer...but we are learning...and learning fast.

Tomorrow we have a "rest" day.


PS.  A very special thanks to Michelle and Cara for an Amazing Mama's Night Out!!!  Pics to come.
AND, thanks to Sue for planting our ice plant.  Amazing friends we have!

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