Friday, May 18, 2012

MRI Done Today!!

I don't know, maybe it's the little victories that will get us through this. As we were coming back from our PET scan today, the people from MRI asked us, "Did you know she's getting her MRI done right now?". I said, "Um, yeah!". Apparently there was a patient schedule today who had to be rescheduled because he/she ate lunch!! Talk about a blessing!! I literally began to cry with happiness. Whether it was a little bit of hope in this crazy journey or knowing that our hard work had paid off..whatever it was, it came to us as a blessing. All the effort to get her scheduled for these tests on the same day paid off, and not a moment too soon. We tried to keep her sleeping in the PACU so they could get the MRI ready but she woke up... pleasant. She asked for rice crispy treats, water and cinnamon toast crunch. I did my best to distract her and refocus on something else. She got a little upset but off we went to the MRI. They had to give her meds again to go back to sleep. First a little Versed then Propofol. I'm familiar with Propofol because we use it in the ICU often. They told us about 2 hours. Adam and I actually got to go across the street and have dinner at California Cafe, a date? It was alone time and it was wonderful. Bridget went home earlier with Nana and Papa for a short nap and some play time. As we were sitting having dinner, Packard called me. I almost had a heart attack just seeing their number on my caller ID. They were finished earlier than predicted. So, we gobbled up, paid the bill, ran back to the hospital, got cramps from just eating, and now we are waiting for her to get to the PACU again to recover. Then we go home. Results? Probably next week. I know the tumor has shrunk. I can't see it nd the doctors can't feel it. I AM HOPEFUL.

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  1. Great news. I tear up during the whole update hoping for only GOOD news. Every minute is a new journey for you. Keep up the strength and dates! :-)