Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blog Announcements for Team G

A huge thanks to everybody for their thoughts and prayers. There is a new option on the blog on the left side called "Follow Team G", if you enter your email address in there you will be updated anytime there is a new post. This should return some productivity back into your work day.

The outpouring of offers for meals, dog walking and a myriad of other tasks is truly inspiring. If you want to be added to the Team G support crew, please email any of the contacts on the left side of the blog so we can get your info and add you to Team G Support. Once you are on the list we will be rolling out meal schedule where you can see the dates that meals are needed and sign yourself up to provide a meal. On this site there will be a couple of links to websites for menus that follow the paleo diet.

Thank you all so much for spreading the word and recruiting for Team G, you are an inspiring bunch and we are blessed to have you on the team.

Team G

Auntie Mel giving Ellie some love.

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