Monday, March 19, 2012

Good night

10:40pm. Daddy is asleep on G's bed. G is watching Tinkerbell while drinking milk, warm of course. She seems a little sleepy but is doing awesome. She is ok with her IV as long as we don't fuss over it. She keeps asking if we can take the "string out of her bottom" :-) It's the foley catheter, which will be taken out tomorrow. I can't wait till today is over. We meet with Dr. Luna tomorrow after 2pm to discuss preliminary results. It will take a couple of hours and we can get some idea of a treatment plan. Please know that we are thriving off every positive thought we are receiving of stories, comfort, etc. Please keep them coming even if we don't answer or reply right away! Good night. Kristin

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  1. Hi I am Lori from Sun Lakes a friend of Dan and Diana.
    Just really want you to know you have a whole army of prayers being sent your way. Gabriella you are a special little one . Dan and Diana if there is anyway I can help you name it. Love and Blessings Lori Hutchins