Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Driving Home

We are in the car. Kris is driving, me and G relaxing in the back. G picked some flowers for us from the hospital grounds. Her kindness and thoughtfulness continue to bring me to my knees.i am not a religious man but I swear I have seen God through my friends, my family and especially my sweet sweet child. I have never shared much publicly like this but it really seems appropriate to keep all of you updated. Please know how much your support means to us right now.
Team G


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  1. Adam thank you for your words of honesty, you will feel so full and uplifted with the Lord in tow!! Trust me the long road is shorter with him at the wheel! We continue to pray for sweet G! Give her our love and tell her I look forward to her visit to the Fish Lady:)

    God bless,