Thursday, March 29, 2012

Home Again!!

AND NO SPREAD OF THE CANCER IN G'S BONE MARROW!  This was confirmed today.

I just love to post good news!
Yesterday was a tough day.  Adam and I switched off staying the night and last night was my night.  It sounded better than the previous night with Adam.  They were able to start all three chemo drugs and I feel so much better about killing this cancer.  I was very anxious yesterday just waiting for G to poop, as Adam posted.  I just felt horrible knowing that this cancer was growing inside her and she hadn't yet had the medicine to start the process.  We tried a few tricks but finally she went and the nurses all cheered.  Funny, the little things that make us happy.

G did great with the chemo but is a little tired and worn out today.  She doesn't have much of an appetite today but we made her drink fluid so we could get home.  This was our criteria for getting to go home today.  Now, I feel better knowing that these medicines will help cure her.

Ok, we're packing up and getting outta here!

Bridget enjoying the outside terrace of the hospital and snacking on cereal. 


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  2. awesome news. the above comment was me, I forgot to sign out after editing a post for adam.

  3. Great news! The fight pushes on!! GO Team G!

  4. My heart is so full of Joy and I am Singing for G and the Cosner Family. No let me take that back for All of TEAM G and her Army nothing like Faith and POWER of PRAYER Lots of Love going your way Cosner Family XOXOXOXOXOXO Blessings Always

  5. Hooray for poop! So glad your home!!!

  6. Dear God, Thank you for the blessing of poop! Poop Poop Poop!!! (that's 3 poop cheers) Sometimes when looking to start the gratitude list, it's good to start with the basics. It don't get much more basic than poop!! (i think my inner 12 year old has escaped) Tomorrow's discussion topic... farts! Please come to class prepared. Don't worry, we'll leave the windows open. Class dismissed! Tonight's menu... cabbage and beans! WooHoo!!

  7. Hi Cosners,
    I was so sorry to hear about the battle, but am happy to know there is a Team G rooting for her, and that she is on her way home. I, of course, will most certainly join the team, and have a lot of experience in the power of positive thinking, so will direct it your way, too! It works!