Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A wonderful dinner and night

Tonight was such a great night.  I waver back and forth on my emotions but there was so much fun and laughter here tonight.  As I mentioned earlier, Uncle Ronnie and Auntie Mel were here with Nana, Bridget, Grandma and Grandpa.  Our dear friends Danielle and Pat came by to bring us a wonderful dinner with their girls, Brook and Nicole and my little love Murphy (their almost 4 year old Boston bulldog). Nana and Papa brought a yummy ceasar salad. The neighbor kids Lauren, Lukas, Niklas, Kiana played with G outside then all came in for popcorn and to watch Tangled then jumped outside on the trampoline and just had fun.  G was wiped out by 8pm but I'm so glad she got to enjoy her friends.  Elena and Anders, our neighbors, came by to give hugs as well.

We enjoyed the Winter's Paleo jumbalaya...so yummy!  And wine...and ice cream... and Thin Mints!!!
Bridget and I read books and enjoyed our night time ritual together.  We laughed as she pulled my headband off and on, off and on and shoved her binky in my mouth...lol!  It felt so wonderful to just enjoy the moment and not focus on the rough road ahead.

I believe we have a day off tomorrow to just enjoy.  Thursday we will be meeting with the Rhabdo Oncologist as they strongly believe still that this is a rhabdomyelosarcoma.  We are hoping the pathology reports still come in soon so we can make a plan of action.
Monday, we will be meeting with the Radiologist at the Stanford Cancer Center at 1pm to discuss treatment.  This is the plan so far but things can always change tomorrow.

I sit here writing this and still can't believe that I'm actually writing this.  My little girl is so healthy.  Its hard to believe that this is happening.  I have had this nagging voice in my head since I first noticed this tissue in January telling me to check things out further.  I wanted SO SO badly to believe it was all normal when we first saw the doctor but this voice kept telling me it wasn't.  
My only word of advice for any parent or anyone is GO WITH YOUR GUT.  It will never steer you wrong.

Good night my Army.
Team G


  1. You are all so brave and resilient!!! Amazing! Hope you enjoy the beautiful sunshine today, and just breath! You are in our hearts and prayers everyday!
    Love, Sasha & Fam

  2. Ty so much for the updates, G will be our main prayer tonite @ bible study, we have a team of prayer warriors who meet dvery wednesday night! Miracles do happenand through these difficult times God is present!! Love u guys and lift all of u up!!:)
    God bless!!


  3. A dear friend will check in on you...hope that's ok.

    xoxo to you all.

  4. Gabriella,
    You are a complete inspiration to all of us!
    We have no doubt that you will beat this. You are a survivor!
    You are in our prayers always.
    Titi, Scott & Kiana

    PS. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.