Thursday, March 22, 2012


One of G and my favorite books has been "Days with Frog and Toad" and the first story is Tomorrow. Well our tomorrow is a big one. Hopefully we will see how big this thing is. How long and hard our fight is and what it is going to take to beat it.
I wish you all could see what I see right now. The laptop screen is lighting up G's face lying next to me. Is there anything more Angelic than the face of a sleeping child?(even if her eyes are open just a little bit.)
G had two fantastic days yesterday and today. Playing with her neighborhood friends and her grandparents. It was amazing to see how much running and playing she was doing less than 24 hours after her surgery. It really gave me faith that she is going to pull through this. Kids are such strong human beings.
I wanted to share something that was sent to me in a text message that I have read more times than I thought I would, I will leave it anonymous;
"the Bible says, look into the eyes of a child to see Jesus. Religion is politics, to know God is purely an act of faith. Like the wind or love. Can't see it, can't prove it...
Kris and I were speaking today, we were discussing how much this is going to and has already changed us. From the moment her diagnosis came in, we will never be the same.

Team G


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