Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Home and Relaxing

We are home on this gorgeous day and so thankful!
Grandma, Grandpa, Bridget and Ellie were waking in the street when we drove up.  Bridget was so excited and ran to the car like I've never seen her run before.  Grandpa was holding on to Ellie and trying to keep B from falling.  It was so incredibly sweet to come home to.  We almost ran out of gas on 17 (I've done that before) but angels seemed to be watching us and we made it to Chevron.

Our neighbor Julie came by to say hi and Uncle Ronnie and Auntie Mel drove over to give G some love. We're all watching Clifford with G and recovering getting ready for the next phase.  Grandma is putting Bridget down for a nap.  Thank you for the beautiful flowers from the Ritchie family, the cards from Bob Smith/family and Kathy Bomguardner.  And of course your emails and encouragement!!!

Yesterday was the toughest day of our lives but today has been a new day and I am hopeful.  
The fight is just beginning!!!
Team G



  1. So glad your home! I came across this blog on Facebook last night and I'v been checking in all day for the next update. I have a 3 1/2 yr old son and I hope to never know what your going through. With that being said, if I ever do, I would hope that complete strangers would pray their hearts out for me. So that is what I'm doing for you and your sweet baby girl.
    "Just keep swimming", my favorite line from Finding Nemo. Just keep going, its the only option anyway. Your family is so strong and inspirational. CM

  2. Kristen and Adam, we check your blog all day and are touched and inspired by your positive attitudes and love that you have for your baby girl. Again, we are around the corner and will do ANYTHING during this fight. It is just the beginning and we are here until the end with you. Jen and Matt.

  3. Welcome Home!! Your own bed must have felt amazing last night! Bryan and I think of you every minute and we, too are inspired by your family and your huge circle of friends! WOW... the "Power of People"... It's awesome!
    We will be in touch... and HERE for anything you need.
    Bryan and Janet

  4. We are thinking of you. Team G has a lot of support! Let us know if you need anything. I am glad you are all home tonight.