Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thanks LP and Tim

After a great day at home, the family is settling in for dinner courtesy of LP and Tim.


  1. You are in our hearts every minute of the day . Love Lori

  2. My Sweet Gabriella.
    Someday you will read this blog and realize how many people are supporting and fighting for you.
    You are a strong child with a family that will do anything for you! Together, we will see you through this ordeal.
    I would trade places with you in a nano second if I could. It broke my heart when you wanted me to hold you when you were in the hospital.You were so brave, my beautiful baby.
    But, we will make a game of this. We will sing and make up rhymes and stories.
    And when we can, we will go shopping for more fashionista hats and sparkly purses and jewelry.
    And we will go run errands to Costco and Kmart then stop to have a Jamba Juice.
    Nana will always be there for you! I love you more than the moon and the stars and the universe........and beyond.
    Your Nana

    [loretta kuechle]