Monday, March 19, 2012


The oncologist just left the room. It appears to be metastic and in the lymph system but we heard the words we needed to hear. She said it is going to be a long hard road, but it can be beat. We will meet with Dr Luna Fineman tomorrow when the biopsy reports come in to figure out the treatment options. Gabriella had a rough time coming out of anesthia but with some pain meds and a visit from her baby sister she is comfy and peaceful. Thank you all so much for your hopes and prayers. Team G.


  1. So happy to hear this news! I will be praying for your meeting tomorrow and the many days ahead.

  2. Gabriella and all of you are in our thoughts and prayers. We pray that Gabriella will be completely healed and restored to full health. We also pray for strength and peace for her and you as well. Please let us know if there is anything you need! We are here for you!!

    Craig and Gretchen Parks

  3. Go gabby. So happy to hear the news. she will beat this.

  4. Our team down here at Sun Lakes sends our prayers. Love Lori

  5. Hello,

    I don't know you two but will be thinking and praying for G.

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