Monday, March 26, 2012


"That may be the most humble, courageous thing I've ever read. THAT is exactly what wonder, courage and strength look like! Courage feels like exhaustion, and getting out of bed anyway. Courage feels like fear, terror, anger, sadness... and smiling at, and laughing with, your beautiful daughters... at the very same time. Courage feels like you just don't have any idea how to do this and you do it anyway. If you want to know what courage looks like, look over at Adam. Then get up walk over to the mirror and look in it. THAT is what courage looks like! These things your friends are saying aren't casual compliments. They are accurate observations. Just the facts ma'am. " Billiam

I just had to repost this because I want to remember it every morning when I wake up and every time I don't feel strength anymore.  Its true, I don't have any idea how to do this but I'm doing it anyway.  Just putting one foot in front of the other because its the only thing I can do.  

The Aquarium today was AMAZING!  Gabriella has never had so much fun there and was so excited to see all of her friends!  Stacey and her mom (brave souls) piled in 6 little "princesses" into her car and brought them to the aquarium.  Jenni, Charolette, Elly, Shelby, Taylor, Julia and Makayla (G's friends from Circle of Friends Preschool).  The McDonnell's came, our neighbors the Ohlsson's came, Uncle Ronnie, Auntie Mel, my brother and family, Nana and Iskandria, the Rankins, the Vanderende's, the Lucero's, the I forgetting anyone? We got a special tour and got to go behind the scenes to see the big turtles and the jellyfish exhibit.  

When we got home, we were greeted to a wonderfully clean house by my Martha, a dinner from the Smiths along with some awesome t-shirts ;-), and bags of gifts at the front door for the girls, some of which had no cards!  Blankets with each of our girls names on them and a travel suitcase from Gina and family. Both Adam and I are truly blown away by people's kindness and desire to help.  Thank you all for remembering Bridget too.  The girls are thinking its their birthday every day. 

I want you all to know and remember, to please take care of YOU first, your family and please don't apologize if you can't make it by or whatever...Do you remember always getting instructions in the plane about putting your oxygen on first before you put your child's on?  You can't take care of anything unless you take care of yourself so put your oxygen on FIRST!  We know people have busy lives and your own children of course.  I don't want that to change.  Adam and I, again are amazed by the graciousness that you have all shown and the willingness to be there for us.  This has truly restored our belief in the goodness and kindness of people.  

Tomorrow, we'll meet with the Radiologist and find out even more information.  For now, got to sleep. 

All my thanks,


  1. Kristin..... girl..... it IS tomorrow!! Lol (Looking at the time you posted this!) I got home and fell into bed WAY too early.... woke up to read your blog before settling back to sleep. TRULY.... your energy and strength is so inspiring. I saw how tired you were after a fun day at the aquarium...and you still made time to write!! All i can say is WOW!
    Will be thinking about you guys today...good luck at your appt. And thanks again for inviting us to spend the day with your
    family! Xxxxooo

  2. Amazing day for you guys!!:). If you know JOY, you know Jesus, others then you!! In the book of Phillipians it's the book of Joy, deny oneself and serve others as Jesus has served us!! There is no thing or place that can replace the love of others!! You're continuously in our prayers and for all of her physicians !!

  3. We met your lovely family at Jennifer and Tem's and at Circle of Friends, when Annie was there. I just read Stacey's posts about going to the Aquarium, last night, and then I was talking to Jennifer and I realized that this is your wonderful family that all of this is happening to. I am thinking about you and sending love, hugs, and good thoughts your way. Best wishes from Susan, Johnny, Harry and Annie.