Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Out of Surgery and Recovering

G is resting like an angel. She's in post-op and were waiting for her to wake up. She has her port in and the bone marrow biopsy is done. We'll be heading to a room soon. It's just comforting to hear her heart beat (from the monitor).


  1. She truly IS an angel! I was just looking AGAIN at all the pictures you posted. Somehow, the one that I love the most, is G sliding down the slide! She looks so happy, and her smile is infectious! LOVE that she had that day with her friends! So fun! Hope tonight goes well, and glad to hear she is out of surgery and resting. Take care you guys... We're thinking about you!

  2. xoxoxxoooxxxxooxoxoxoooooooooxxxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

  3. GO G XOXOXOXOXO your Army Is here for you and your family remember 2 important words CURABLE and TREATABLE!!!!!!!!! Blessings Always Cosner Family