Monday, March 19, 2012

Update from Lucile Packard

We're sitting here in the outside veranda in the surgery center...just waiting with Nana, Daddy, Uncle Ronnie and Auntie Mel. Its a little crisp but I'm just numb.

We checked in at 7am and went for the CT. This was done without anasthesia which was good. It was a little bit rough to convince her the CT wasn't going to hurt but once I asked her if she wanted me to lay on the table with her, she did amazing.
We went back to the surgery check in area and waited. Once 8:30 came around, they took us back to change Gabriella into a gown and pants. They even gave her little yellow socks. Daddy put them on his ears and made us all laugh. We made our way to the MRI area and took her to the anasthesia room. I'm shaking as I'm writing this. It was not easy to put her under. They had to place a mask on her and she didn't like it, understandably.

Its now 10:30am and we just got word that she is in the OR, still under. They are going to review the MRI and start the procedure in about 30 minutes. They need to review before they start things so they know where to look.

Please continue to pray, think, whatever....



  1. Praying for strength, perseverance, and the amazingly talented doctors that are helping to treat your little girl. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all. The (shawn) Jordan Family

  2. I just wanted to say how very sorry I am that your family has to go through this. I've never met you or sweet Gabriella, but we share something in common. My son, Jake was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March of 2010. At 13 months he had surgery, 6 weeks of radiation and four rounds of chemotherapy. This is an ugly disease but can be beat. jake will be 3 years old in may, is tumor free and thriving. I can see from your beautifully written blogs how much family, friends, love and support you guys have. I will keep all of you in my prayers and please know that if you ever need someone to talk to that we are here.

    much love,
    Jennie and Jake Gilbert (Jake is in the green room at Circle of Friends)

  3. My families thoughts and prayers are with your family and that beautiful little girl of yours.
    Heather (Davidson) Caelius

  4. Thank you, thank you for keeping us all posted! I have been thinking about you EVERY minute of the day.... knowing that the "waiting" and "unknown" is simply unbearable as a parent. Remember... Bryan and I know TOO well about this, since Tyler has been through 2 heart surgery's and the second one was NO easier!
    I hope you got my first comment earlier on one of your older posts! Basically it says that we are all Praying for little Gabriella, and we KNOW that with the help of some great doctors, and your HUGE NETWORK of support..... that this thing WILL BE BEAT! Go Team G!!
    By the way... I love the post above from the Gilbert Family! So happy for their amazing story and to hear that Jake is doing great!. Little Gabriella will have the same sweet story to share with her preschool class once this is all behind her. Love, Janet