Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A tough one.

Today started tough and it just keeps going. G was unable to eat anything after midnight last night and was not happy to be denied her toast and milk yesterday morning. We arrived at LPCH at the designated time of 10:00 and met with Dr. Marina. The meeting went well and she had us sign more papers and discussed what was going to transpire over the next few days. G's port would be placed and while she was under general anesthesia they would do bone marrow aspirates. The surgery center was running late due to "emergencies" and G remained NPO for an extra 3 hours which I was not happy about at all. When she was done with her surgery she woke up agitated again and they were slow to get an X-ray machine in to check the placement of her port so we got to fight her to get that done. Once the X-ray was taken we were given the delightful news that there were no more single rooms so we are currently shoe horned into a corner of another room with another family. It is now about 5:00 am and our neighbors chemo machine has alarmed about every 15 minutes since about 3 am. Thankfully G has slept through most of the alarms. In a line of dark days, this one has pushed the envelope of rediculous. I feel like I have had to fight with every person in this hospital today to get appropriate care for my kid. When Gabriella was born we were scheduled to go a very nice maternity ward in Santa Cruz but when Kris started having contractions, the place was full and we defaulted to an old and uncomfortable spot in Dominican Hospital. We fought for her then and we will fight for her now. I'm sure in a few days this will all be a distant memory but for now, God I could use some sleep.

Team G


  1. Adam, obviously, it was a rough night. I hope you guys can get into more comfortable surroundings soon, along with catching up on some much needed rest. Dig deep my friend and stay exhausted as you are, today gets you one day closer to your Little G winning this fight!


  2. Oh Adam and Kristin, you are so heavily on our hearts and mind. I hope you can feel some comfort from all the love and prayers sent to you today. With love, support and determination, Sarah & Brett Gainey

  3. Cosner Family. When your family came to celebrate Bubba's Birthday Iwas so taken back on how attentive you both were with your girls gentle,loving and oh so caring how they were gentle with Probie it was such a Kodak moment I will treasure it forever then Jason told me about G My heart was so heavy all day I started praying that day I have been reading your blog every day and I call Jason just to see how you all are doing. I love the Army that your family has it is like in the Bible when the walls of Jerico came crumbling down G and your family make me want to be a better human being a nd more Christ like I have opened my Bible today and I will dedicate reading scriptures everyday until that ugly tumor is gone Blessings Always
    Lucy (Jason's Mom)

  4. Hi to all. As I begin my bible study class we lift up your family, feel Gods presence, He is with you!!

    Hugs to G!!!:-)

    Xxxxooo Sharon and mike