Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The doctors just left. Positive news: Doctors believe this is a good prognosis due to the location of the cancer and tumor. They said the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes but they haven't found it in her liver, lungs, or other immediate organs.  If this is truly a rhabdo, they will have to test her bone marrow to see if it has spread there.  Dr. Luna said she thinks its unlikely that it has spread to the bone marrow but we have to confirm.
We come back Thursday to discuss our next steps. At that time, they will be discussing the test of her bone marrow (possibly a bone scan), discussing putting in a port where they will inject chemotherapy treatments all under general anesthesia.  We believe the chemotherapy treatments will begin next week followed by radiation treatments to shrink the tumor. The doctors mentioned this could be a 22 week adventure. At week 13 we should know if the tumor has shrunk, if the three different Chemo drugs are working and if Gabriella will need another surgery to remove the tumor and lymph node.

Gabriella is doing great, she asked if there were fish swimming around her IV fluids, which made everyone giggle. G, mommy and daddy went to the gift shop to get a few things for G.  I'm sure we will be frequent visitors there ;-)

The foley is out, IV is out and WE ARE GOING HOME!!!!!   LEAVING IN A FEW MINUTES ACTUALLY!   Just have to organize our things.

Thank you Auntie Brit for being here and typing this, Shelley and Anne for stopping by and again to all of you.  I woke up today just positive that we were surrounded by love and support.  I'm sure I've said this and will say it again and again.  We are both feeling stronger with everyone supporting us and hearing from you all!

Lots of love,


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  1. Kristin and Adam, know that we are thinking of you too. I thought of you all day yesterday and woke up today thinking of you. I'm relieved to hear the cancer is treatable. We will pray everyday for Gabriella. Keep strong. Yuri, Scott, Lauren and Alexa