Monday, March 19, 2012

Pictures of my girls, Gabriella and Bridget

My baby and her big eyes. A little bruise on her nose just being a kid.

4th of July last summer.

Little Bridgy doing what she does best, being with Big Sis.

Bridget's first ride in the shopping cart with Gabriella at her side.

Gabriella at 3 years old in her Cinderella Costume.

Gabriella and Bridget at the park in their spring dresses.  

Daddy and Bryan Ward on Bryan's new adventure bike.  I love G's sassiness in this picture!

G rollerblading for the first time.  Yes, she needs a new!  And probably knee pads...
She was awesome!
My girls playing in the "sand box" which is now the pool.
G giving love to Ellie, our 8 year old border collie.

Gabriella and Bridget at their well child check in February, last month.