Thursday, March 22, 2012


The word just keeps ringing in my head. As I sat and listened to the oncologists today I was so happy to hear the positive words coming from them, cure and treatment and wellness, I did not really stop to think what it was going to take to get to them. This cruel, cruel disease with equally cruel treatments will be my G's life for the next 42 weeks and there is not a damn thing I or anyone else can do about it. Talk about helpless. The shots and needles and scans and drugs are going to become common place in my child who has never really been on antibiotics. Every drug they spoke of today will have destructive side effects that can be alleviated with another drug and another. I have been rocked to the core to think of the necessary evils that are going to save my child's life. I guess it's funny how things that meant so much to me one week ago mean very little to me now and will probably be forgotten in one weeks time. Oh how we change.
The oncologist mentioned something today that stuck with me, she said that most parents who watch their kids go through cancer treatments are wrecks by the end and are probably suffering from PTSD while the kids just remember the ice cream and getting to watch movies all day. Boy I hope she's right.

Team G


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