Friday, March 30, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Ahhh, what can I say.  It is beautiful to be home.  Just beautiful.  My mom came over and made the house so comfortable to come home to; a clean kitchen, clean floors, soft lighting and flowers.  She knows that makes me happy. Again, we came home to wonderful gifts and letters of support from our friends.  You guys will probably get tired of me trying to thank everyone.  We also had an awesome dinner from Darriell and Shawn, which was so perfect because I was starving!  Grandma and Grandpa helped all day at the hospital with Bridget and she even got a nap in the car.
We also came home with a ton of paperwork, meds and supplies to organize.  It's quite overwhelming and I feel like I'm in school again but that's ok.  I loved school ;-). I am just happy that we have a plan being put into place.

G had a little nap in the car and didn't feel like eating much.  She has always been a big milk drinker and at least wanted her milk tonight.  After much convincing and a little demanding, G took a light sponge bath.  I was hoping it would make her feel better and it did.  I saw the sparkle in her eye and heard her precious giggle as she "cleaned" the bath with her chlorhedidine scrubbers.  We got all the knots out of her hair and scrubbed the adhesive off.  After a few books and a little down time, she was able to fall asleep.

This weekend, we're going to relax and try to get a routine down.  We learned a ton of information these last few weeks and I've got to organize it, absorb it.  Its going to be hard but we HAVE to be so cautious about anyone with a cough, sneeze or any cold symptoms.  We absolutely love having our friends over but have to be vigilant about "screening" any colds.  Thanks for understanding.

Honestly, yesterday I didn't know if I had the strength to get through this.  Its been difficult to breathe and difficult to know the difference between what is reality and what is not.  As we walked through the doors of the "Bass Cancer Center" for the first time on March 16th, I could hardly compose myself.  Adam and I both had to step out, breathe and wonder, "How the hell did we get here?".  It was almost impossible to bare.  This has been the most difficult, heart wrenching, and emotional time in our lives.  As Adam and I gain more knowledge about fighting this disease, we both feel so much courage and strength to get through this.

Go Team G!!!

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  1. Awwwww what a wonderful family you and Adam have the Army of people who Love your family is Awesome glad to hear that G wanted her milk there is nothing like the sound of your child's laugh you hear it and it puts a smile on your face best medicine in the word blessings Always GO TEAM G !!!!!! XOXOXO