Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hi All, Does anyone know how I can donate my own hair to make a wig for Gabriella? I'd like for her to have a wig of her mommy's hair. I've looked into Locks of Love and it looks like it's a general donation. Just wanted to see if anyone out there knows how to do this OR can make a wig?!?!? Thank you, Kristin


  1. What an incredible idea!!! I hope there is a way to make that happen!!!

  2. Kristin you are so incredibly strong!! Go Team G!!!

  3. Found this site.

    Here's another possibility.

  4. You are the greatest mama ever!!! I know of Wiggin Out in San Jose. I will call them.

  5. You are the greatest mama ever!!! I know of Wiggin Out in San Jose. I will call them.

  6. Hi Kristin,

    I am Mike Neals wife Betty and a former hairdresser. I do have excellent information I would like to pass on to you. I would like to first say that there are many companies that can do this but they will add synthetic hair to your own and in this special case with your precious G, I know you would like the wig to be 100% your hair. Also other companies will add other coatings to your don't want this! Anyway, you can call Jen at 877 769-9447. I already spoke to her and she is expecting your call. She will email you all the information you need including instructions on how your hair should be cut so they can get the maximum amount. Many hairdressers will not cut it correctly and just do a pony tail and snip.

    Your daughters are the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen and we are praying little G and for all of you.

  7. Wow... I'm in awe! What a perfect idea Kristin! Can't wait to see both yours and G's new "Do's"
    You're amazing! :-)

  8. PS: If you do decide to go with another company to have the wig made, please let me send you instructions to give to your hairdresser on how to correctly cut your hair.

  9. Kristin and Adam, I just want you to know that I am praying for Gabriella and your whole family every day, several times a day!! You sound like the best parents on the face of this earth and Gabriella and Bridgette are so lucky to have you. I read your blogs daily and you two inspire me. With as much as you are going through you still remain positive. I think everyone of us have something to learn in you!! Prayers all the time! -Kari P.S I have long hair and have been thinking of cutting it to donate to Locks of Love, however if you find somewhere that will make wigs for Gabriella from your own hair I would like to donate it to her also, for maybe a different look sometimes??? I will pay for the wig. Please contact me if you're interested at

  10. Kristin and Adam:

    As comments have been shared, you both have spoken of the "cruelty" and feeling "helpless". Your loved ones have also spoken of how traumatic this is not just for G, but you both, and the rest of the family.

    The idea of the wig with your own hair is such a beautiful idea, but I think even more importantly, it is an action, which you can give. I believe being able to act (and sometimes it may be in much smaller ways) is necessary when feeling so out of control and helpless.

    I'm also wondering if... down the may be comforting to connect with other parents suffering similar pain and frustration in a support group (@ the hospital)...

    We think of you all often and hold you all close,

  11. Kristin and Adam,

    If your hair isn't enough for a full wig, I'm sure that family and friends would love to donate some of their hair to make a full wig (or several different wigs) for Gabriella. I just donated about 14 inches of my hair to Locks of Love last 5th donation.

    You two are doing superbly as parents and staying strong. Your friends and family reflect who you are and that is why there is such a great support network around your family.

    If you need anyone to plan a fundraiser, thank you party, or any event, then I'm your go to girl!

    Only the best to you!
    Dori (from BFD)

  12. Kristin, that is a brilliant idea!!! I asked my good friend, and also my hair girl and she is going to look into any other resources for you! She works out of Monterey and I'll pass on any information she forwards to me!