Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's On!

We are sitting in a restaurant and I hate watching people ignore their kids for their phones so I will keep it brief. 42 weeks. Chemo every 3 weeks. An overnight stay after each chemo. One trip to LPCH per week. We will be here tomorrow for a PET scan. Home tomorrow night. Saturday and Sunday partying like rock stars getting ready. Monday is meeting with the radiology physicians to discus her radiation treatments. Tuesday G goes under one more time to have the port placed that they will administer her chemo through. She will stay in the hospital Tuesday night and start chemo Wednesday morning. One more night in the hospital and only 13 more treatments! Here we go. WE WILL BEAT THIS!!!!

Team G



  1. Yeah it's on, well all be there with you guys and I feel deep in my heart that this will be beaten. 42 weeks and life back to normal , only ten times better.


  2. AWESOME! We will be going to Alcatraz and Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in SF on Sunday if you want to include that in your party plans!! :-) If not, we're going to stop by and see you guys anyway if you're free! Love you! The Zamora Family (Mark, Debbie, Michael, Christiana, and Ariana)

  3. You're right! YOU WILL BEAT THIS. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Alicia Padilla & Family

  4. No doubt about it...your little princess will have her Happily Ever After! Team G is strong and ready to fight!

  5. You you said it Adam. WE WILL BEAT THIS,!!

  6. Thank you ALL!!! Thanks Alicia for G's gift and Auntie Mel for bringing all the boxes of goodies! We'll open them soon! Gonna update the blog now.